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Old 17-06-2012
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Default LRP SXX TC V2 ESC Problem !!

Hi chap,

Just flashed my brother's SXX TC V2 to the V3 Off Road Software !

Done serveral before and had no issues
He's just phoned me for TORCH today were he's racing and has issues/problem

All switch's on ok and is fine for approx 2 laps or 2 minutes then he looses the brakes first then the speedo shuts down !

Running in 2WD Off Road with LRP X12 8.5 Motor on Sugested gearing with Profile set as 1-2-2-0.

On the ESC he has a fault code light's, both the Yellow Mode and Blue Set Lights are on constant ( neither flashing )

Looked on the V3 Fault's and this code is not shown !

Any idea's anyone ??

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Old 28-09-2012
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Yellow light of death!!

My SXX TC spec V2 just died.
Today I recieved a nice package from LRP, installed and bench tested
Seems to work, now to get it in a car to test

Thought Id do some modding while I had it open, I still have the cooling fins in blue if I want to add the fan.
Ill try an addonize them another colour

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Old 29-09-2012
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Check all the motor wires are properly soldered on i that happen
And the b wire had worked lose just slightly but enough for the error to
Crop up mine works fine except i have just broke a stalk of the capcitor
(Mine is a nosram istc v2 but its the same speedo)
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