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Old 22-12-2013
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Default lrp sphere capacitor snapped off

Hi all

i have just snapped of the capacitor to my lrp sphere,
the wire has snapped off inside the capacitor so i have nothing to solder to
there are no part numbers or ratings on the capacitor so i dont know what to buy
i have been told that maplin do sell one but i dont know what one, any help would be great or part number would be better, cheers rob.
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Old 22-12-2013
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Contact SMD, they will have official parts for you to use;

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Old 22-12-2013
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What you need is a 4700uF 16V capacitor, I wouldn't bother with "official parts" coz you'll end up paying 10 quid for a bit of black heat shrink with a LRP sticker on it


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Old 22-12-2013
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See if your expensive, proprietary LRP Sphere capacitor is not simply a heat shrunk 49p capacitor from Maplins. The one on mine was.
Same as the expensive proprietary capacitor on my speed passion (Also replaced with a cheapy from ebay).

Should be able to read the spec straight off the original part, is probably the same one in that eBay link up there!
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