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Old 19-07-2014
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We put a lot of work into Showdown, but it was great fun and interesting. We built different ramps -- much credit to Curt Schlichter at The Factory -- and spent much time thinking about and setting up stuff for the various stunts. Great fun because everything related to R/C turns out to be fun; sadly many things we did ended up on the cutting room floor.

We also put a ton of time into it all, including a full day of construction at The Factory along with two days' filming in Ohio and Michigan, plus two days flying back and forth to California and a 14-hour day filming there. This cost us production time, but we think it was more than worth it to promote the hobby.

Watching what they did, doing things the way they wanted, was interesting. They were thorough, using many different cameras for each action and asking us to do everything many times so they could relocate multiple cameras to get many different angles. There were several stunts which are absent entirely from the final show and another, perhaps the most spectacular, of which only a tiny fraction is shown for about two seconds.

They did a great job, it's a good TV show, and that was the goal. Glad you liked it!

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