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Default My original CAT XL

Having read the thread posted by 'Turbolag' recently regarding his modified CAT identification issues i thought i would start my own somewhat similar thread. I sold my original CAT XL back in around 1990, but recently tracked it down again and bought it back. I was very pleased to get my hands back on the car, although it has been modified somewhat by the other owner. It was raced to a pretty high level by him bitd, having been used to qualify second to Rory Cull in the 1990 Stafford Winter Indoor Nationals.

He has obviously modified the suspension somewhat, and it has been sat in his garage for a loooong time, but i intend to strip it down and rebuild it after a thorough clean, and hopefully to put it back to my old spec, or thereabouts.

I do recall changing the front end just before i sold it to what was then the 'new' XLS format.

It currently has a Trinity carbon fibre chassis and top deck, but also came with a very rare Brimod fibreglass full width chassis conversion so i will be fitting that along with a full set of Brimod shocks.

A quick look reveals a white front drive gear, as well as a white nylon flange behind the spur gear, and looking through the box of bits that came with the car i have luckily found rear MMS gearbox fitting instructions so i expect the car has had the MMS upgrades at both ends back in the day. It will take me a while to work out the original XL bits and pieces i need, looks like suspension parts mainly, but it will be a nice project and has a bit of sentimental value thrown in. I only have one shot of my car from the late 80's.
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Bet there aint many who get there old cars back
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Nice looking XL Do like seeing foams on buggys, always makes me think of the good old days...
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