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Old 06-01-2011
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Default UPDATE JAN 2011

QUOTE=Beddo;449047]I guess the issue is that as its a dirt track, and Wakefield had a significant amount of snow in December, the track may well be too wet to run at the moment?

An update would be good though..... [/QUOTE]

thats about right, while it seemed like a great idea when the weather was good to run a winter series, (i am new to these little cars) it's not exactly a physical sport that keeps you warm while your outside all day, recently as we are in an open valley, we have had several mornings at minus 14 !!!
not fun unless your a polar bear.

also with the amount of water thats been around, including snow that melts, and because it is a dirt only track and anyone who's been knows i like it to be in mint condition, it would not be possible to get the machinery on to keep it that way, as well as the fact that i don't want to destroy the field and paddock as the ground at this time of year is well saturated and would soon turn into a mess, hindsight is a wonderfull thing.

hopefully if we have decent weather before the next meetings they will go ahead, but if not, do some more decorating for the wife and wait it out with the rest of us, when the sun comes out it will be awesome again!!!

as chalkey has said, we have been given a regional round and also a national round for 2011, how cool is that.... when some of the best lads in the country say it's one of the best tracks they have raced on we must have built something worth waiting for.

hope to see you all soon. andy
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Old 06-01-2011
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Thanks for the update Andy, I can only imagine what it must be like on & around the track after all the wet weather !

Fingers crossed for some serious sunshine and a dry spring / summer.

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Old 07-01-2011
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Originally Posted by andys View Post
Fingers crossed for some serious sunshine and a dry spring / summer.
Think we need a tad more luck with this weather - as it is now 3" of snow up here in Gildersome and still snowing...!! typical, roll on Spring! This sodding weather is a real pain in the ass!
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Old 07-01-2011
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laid in bed with H1N1 watching the snow come down kin weather
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