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Old 02-07-2011
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Default Is there a idiots guide to rc?

Things have changed so much since I was last into rc,brushed / brushless, ni-mh/lipo transponders, frequency's etc etc etc. I don't want to constantly bend someones ear about the real basic stuff so I was wondering if there was an idiots guide anywhere I could look at. For eg,there were only 6 crystals when I was into it,one went in the controller and the other in the reciever. Is this still the smae or has that all changed too? What frequencies are used etc etc.
Thanks in advance from mr Noob the thicky lol.
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Old 02-07-2011
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Most people use 2.4ghz systems now which dont use crystasl and are much less prone to interferance.

As for motors and batterys brushless motors that nerly everyone uses are faster and require almost zero maintance. (NO brush replacement and comm scimming) But do require a brushless speedo. and lipo batterys are the way to go but again need a special lipo charger. Just come along to the track and ask questions We are a frendly lot and will tell you everything you want to now.
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