Hello everyone,
The Predator X10 was reviewed back in late 2005 on with thousands of hits. In the last season the car has gone from strength the strength in the hands of the team drivers, with Tom Yardy finishing xx in the 4wd series last year and looking very close to taking his first National win with the car on a few occasions.

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of work and change going on. Richard Weatherly, the original designer of the Predator has yet again been designing revolutionary products like the TCS (Thermal Cooling System) as well as other secret products! With the introduction of the X11 just days away, it really is an exciting time for the Predator.

There has also recently been a change of ownership of the company. Lewis Dickinson of Team Xtreme has purchased the company and the injection of new ideas and enthusiasm has been great.

My intention is to keep you all up to date with the performances of the car in the racing events I attend, how the car is developing, and feedback from the top people behind the Predator.



TIVERTON REPORT - 2007 National report by Northy

KIDDERMINSTER REPORT - 2007 National report and Interview with Lewis Dickinson and Tom Yardy

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Predator @ Kidderminster 2006
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Tom Yardys predator x10 mid-air at Kidderminster national 2006.
Predator X10
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My personal Predator X10 - Gorgeous!