Schumacher indoor off road masters - Worksop 25-11-07

Having already attended and enjoyed round 2 of the Schumacher sponsored Worksop indoor winter series, we decided to race at round 3 with our creative minds in gear to actually produce some reportage this time.

The event is very well organised although shows no sympathy to bed bugs like us who would much rather be asleep at 6am on a Sunday, but showing our true dedication we arose early to make it to Worksop in time for the 7.30am doors opening. Drivers arrive early in order to baggsie (secure) themselves good pitting spaces and an electricity socket. Practice has been changed since the last round to timed practice (although not in heat order) in favour of the previous 'free for all'. This commenced at 8am and gave everyone chance to test their cars on the track and make any necessary changes before racing began.

Qualifying commenced at just after 9am and was made up of six 2wd heats and three 4wd, with a number of top level drivers competing in each class. The results after two rounds show that in 4wd the top four are seperated by only 4 points, with Fabien holding first place ahead of Richard Lowe. In 2wd Danny McGee stands with a 5 point lead from Dan Greenwood.

The Worksop venue provides very good facilities for indoor racing, which is reassuring as this is the chosen club to host the 2008 National Indoor Finals. Overhead heaters make for a very cosy pitting area, perhaps a little too cosy in some cases as hard-working drivers resort to taking an early morning snooze (see pic of Stu Evans).

In the adjoining hall is an indoor bowling green, complete with licensed bar (much to the delight of John) which serves food and drinks from early in the day. There is also a small collection of vending machines serving snacks and hot & cold drinks, along with a table set up in the main pitting area which serves warm drinks throughout the day.
Jimmy: You can't bring so much as a drink into the Worksop hall - you have to buy drink & food there - a canny bit of enforced monopoly madness, me thinks. We sneakily left an empty drink carton on Johns desk - getting him a slightly over the top 'telling off' from the sports centre staff who claimed he could be "kicked out" for having it on his desk. Awesome - we laughed hard, sorry John!

One of the clubs most unique features is the cork floor, which I (mrs.oOple) found makes indoor racing much more tolerable - compared to the more usual 'polished floor' at other indoor venues. The surface is certainly more 'slippery' than the carpeted areas of the track, but unlike other sports halls, the cork floor gives a nicer more progressive feel.

After one round of qualifying the top ten in each class were as follows.

2WD     4WD    
1st Ben Riley   1st Richard Lowe  
2nd Chris Long   2nd Richard Coates  
3rd James Helliwell   3rd Paul Rotheram  
4th Brian Shardlow   4th Tom Moore  
5th Tom Cockerill   5th Richard Sharp  
6th Nathan Waters   6th Richard Hamlin  
7th Danny McGee   7th James Ambrose  
8th Colin Jackson   8th Fabien Simonini  
9th Matthew Latham   9th Matt White  
10 Steven Bond   10 David Gibson  

It would seem that to qualify in the top 10 of 4wd it's almost imperative to be a Dick, in that your first name is 'Richard' with a whopping 40% of the top 10 going by that name. (Disclaimer: Please note, the above comment was purely John Price's humour and means no offence to any of the top 10 contenders, or anyone going by the name of Dick/Richard. Thank you.)

oOple boys Jimmy, John and Paul all managed to land themselves in the same qualifying heat, with Jimmy racing his review Tamiya 'Ultimate Impact', John has resorted back to the X-5 review car, and Paul has taken over driving the Cyclone D4 review car, which is proving to be quite compatible with him as he ramps it over jumps and thrashes Jimmy and Johns score. In the first round Paul finished 3rd place, whilst Jimmy finished one place ahead of John who took 16th.

Top 10 qualifying after two rounds were as follows:

2WD     4WD    
1st Danny McGee (7, 1) 1st Richard Lowe (1, 1)
2nd Ben Riley (1, 4) 2nd Ben Riley (21, 2)
3rd James Helliwell (3, 2) 3rd Richard Coates (2, 9)
4th Chris Long (2, 12) 4th Steven Pierce (25, 3)
5th Tom Cockerill (5, 3) 5th Paul Rotheram (3, 6)
6th Brian Shardlow (4, 13) 6th Matt White (9, 4)
7th Dan Greenwood (14, 5) 7th Tom Moore (4, 10)
8th Matthew Latham (9, 6) 8th Bruce Thompson (24, 5)
9th Nathan Waters (6, 7) 9th Richard Sharp (5, 25)
10 Steven Bond (10, 8) 10 Richard Hamlin (6, 26)


The print outs for qualifying seemed to be counting 4 rounds of qualifying after each completed round, this worked out ok for the first couple of rounds where the additional scores were simply marked at (62) for everyone so had no impact on the overall results. However after round 3 of qualifying Vicky had supposedly made it to 33rd place, with scores of 44, 48, 45 (real scores), and 7! (Now that's just being silly). So we decided to skip trying to figure out the round 3 scores, and move straight on to the overall qualifying positions.

Overall qualifying positions after 4 rounds, top 10 places.

2WD     4WD    
1st Danny McGee (1, 1) 1st Richard Lowe (1, 1)
2nd Tom Cockerill (2, 1) 2nd Matt White (4, 1)
3rd Ben Riley (1, 4) 3rd Tom Moore (2, 3)
4th James Helliwell (3, 2) 4th Bruce Thompson (5, 1)
5th Chris Long (2, 3) 5th Richard Coates (2, 4)
6th Dan Greenwood (5, 4) 6th Ben Riley (2, 5)
7th Matthew Latham (6, 4) 7th Paul Rotheram (3, 6)
8th Colin Jackson (8, 3) 8th Richard Sharp (5, 4)
9th Nathan Waters (6, 5) 9th Chris Smith (3, 9)
10 Brian Sharlow (4, 8) 10 Stuart Evans (7, 5)

The 2WD A final was a battle between the two Losi drivers - Danny McGee and Tom Cockerill. Tom had been getting faster during the day and by the final was certainly able to match Danny. Tom got into the lead but made a mistake allowing Danny back through. Danny kept it smooth whilst Tom was faster and kept catching up but dropping back with a series of small errors.
Danny took the win with Tom in a desperate last second thrust for the line (and into the wall) barely two tenths of a second behind in second - Tom did however win the competition for the longest / most consistent jumping during the day.

2wd Results

Result   Laps/Time Best Lap    
1st Danny McGee 16/5:12.475 18.043    
2nd Tom Cockerill 16/5:12.620 17.875    
3rd Ben Riley 15/5:13.793 19.063    
4th James Helliwell


5th Matthew Latham 14/5:0.719 19.870    
6th Dan Greenwood 14/5:3.961 19.588    
7th Chris Long 14/5:5.026 18.805    
8th Nathan Waters 14/5:10.667 19.458    
9th Brian Sharlow 14/5:13.765 20.515    
10th Colin Jackson 14/5:15.702 20.288    


The 4WD A final was won by that man again, Richard Lowe - who quickly built up a sizeable gap, taking the win from Richard Coates. Paul Rotheram was in a comfortable third driving the oOple review Hot Bodies D4 car - but the rear differential started slipping toward the end of the race dropping him down the order slightly.
I took the Tamiya Dark Impact into first place for the first 4 minutes of the C final - eventually swapping places with Stu Hurleys X5 a couple of times and ending up third - not a bad result considering it was the first time out with the 'Ultimate Impact' oOple project car.

A-Final - 4wd

Result   Laps/Time Best Lap    
1st Richard Lowe 16/5:8.100 17.476    
2nd Richard Coates 15/5:1.989 18.571    
3rd Richard Sharp 15/5:16.084 19.014    
4th Tom Moore 14/5:0.221 18.862    
5th Paul Rotheram 14/5:0.543 19.231    
6th Chris Smith 14/5:3.050 20.117    
7th Bruce Thompson 14/5:4.101 18.745    
8th Stuart Evans 14/5:4.557 19.638    
9th Ben Riley 10/4:1.077 18.720    
10th Matt White 1/56.042 56.042    

After three rounds of the Schumacher Indoor Off-Road Masters, the championship standings are as follows:

2wd     4WD    
1st Danny McGee   1st Richard Lowe  
2nd Dan Greenwood   2nd Fabien Simonini  
3rd Chris Long   3rd Steven Pierce  
4th Nathan Waters   4th Richard Hamlin  
5th James Helliwell   5th Mark Christopher  
6th Matthew Latham   6th Martin Lawson  
7th Rob Fox   7th Dave Thorns  
8th Daniel Austin   8th Dan Greenwood  
9th David Sharp   9th Chris Smith  
10th Brian Shardlow   10th Matt White  

Thanks to the Worksop crew for another great meeting - and Schumacher & RRCI for the prizes of course. Round four of the Masters is on January 6th - we won't be there as it clashes with the third round of the Micro Nationals, but it's sure to be another great meeting. Well done to Danny McGee and Richard Lowe - Again!! These two are almost sure-bets for doing well at the upcoming 'National Indoor Finals' at this very same venue.

Did you attend this event, or are you interested in attending future rounds of the championship? Comments on the race report are welcome, discuss on the oOple forums: HERE.

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All photos are mine, all mine, and not to be used in commercial purposes without prior permission. (c) Jimmy Storey. rc(at)oople(dot)com.