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If you want a design proof emailing, put your email address at the end of your design specs.

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please allow up to 28 days for delivery - we aim to design and post the same week, but sometimes racing gets in the way.

DESIGN SPECS: Pick and choose from the above design and elements or tell us exactly what you want, based upon the 'design1' name decals. We will design to our tastes and to fit your name best. If you want something to your own taste - like a flag either side, just let us know.

< Tell us what you're wanting!

If you have specific needs for these name decals - let us know - custom artwork may incur additional costs

If you want 1 line decal - like, JIMMY - just put the name in the upper OR lower field, depending which style you want

oOple Name decals are printed, laminated and contour cut out for long-lasting and speedy sticking!


Above - some example 'STUFF' you can have - Yes, you can have differemt colours, just ask.


design2 - A double-sided flag waving bold style. Have a single name or two, or let me know how you want it!

Upper Name

MAIN name

Flag / Icon / Information


design3 - A single sided flag waver. Square flag.

Upper Name

MAIN name

Flag / Icon / Information

Full sized car decals - bumper or sheer bling stickers to show off how fokken cool you are. Buy two for discount!

Colour and Number

You can also buy our top quality screen printed A5 sized decal sheets - add some now!

Number of sheets

Long time in development and raced to many world club race victories - FISTER wheel direction decals.
Why? You know at an instant which way you've previously run the wheels - for 8th scale this is even more critical since front and rear are the same size and so to differentiate we've also developed the new 8th wheel decals.

NEW - 8th Buggy wheel decals are now motocross laminated after feedback. MEGA TOUGH.

Point the fist forward to the future and punch your way to victory, like a psychotic lamb.
Click the image for a larger view.

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All our banners are top quality printed on heavy duty vinyl, fully seam welded and with brass eyelets for a long life.

YES - I can handle your graphical needs. Vextor logos or fully painted and 3D design.

My standard rate for 'A Logo' is £150 - but since it's a custom piece then it ultimately comes down to what you want and how long it will take, so costs could easily rise.

Here are a few logos - I've done them for 23 years so a few too many to list.

Please get in touch if you'd like some custom logo artwork or a refresh of a tired design.

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