View Full Version : BRCA Mid South 4wd Regional round 2 re-re-scheduled

Darren Boyle
25-06-2009, 01:09 PM
The BRCA Mid South 4wd regional that was postponed at Stotfold due to the bad weather, was then re-scheduled, then cancelled due to overriding rules has now been CONFIRMED as back ON.

The new date for the meeting is now July 5th (again) and ALL racers who wish to now attend will have to re-enter (the previuos entries are NOT being took for granted, we are NOT assuming you are all coming or not as the case may be)

Booking in will re-open this afternoon on the DMS Results site (www.dmsresults.co.uk (http://www.dmsresults.co.uk/))

Please tell all of your fellow racers within the Mid South region ASAP of this new (and final) decison on this meeting.

The series will now be your best 2 results from the 4 rounds counting.