View Full Version : Happy Easter to you all.

04-04-2010, 04:15 PM
It's very quiet out there I thought I would check to see who if anyone is around, Sam and I enjoyed Wednesday we both managed to complete all three heats with no problems, I also thought the egg raffle was a nice thought, would have been nicer had we won one,

Sam and I are now looking forward to outside racing and hope to visit EP this Sunday I am running a Durga 13.5 and Sam a Durga 10.5 both brushless can anyony advise as to what size pinions we need, I expect your all gasping at the thought of us on the track. (Recklass) Sam who drives like a nutter and me still trying to get out of second gear.

Mark if you are reading this you didn't include the servo fixing brackets with the buggy any chance you can have them with you Wed evening?

Dave (yorkie):thumbsup::thumbsup: