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03-08-2011, 09:08 AM
hi all,

im trying my damndest to get some off road racing done and get back into it the whole scene again but im drawing a bit of a blank when it come to venues ( local ) so having looked around it would seem you guys are my nearest club ???

so my question is this... when do you run regularly ?? and what tyres and basic setup should i aquire before i get there !!??

ive read in other posts about your meets but it seems a bit up in the air as to mid week / evenings sunday morns etc

so can someone clarify this for me so as i can get 'on track' as it were.

i will be racing 4wd offroad if it helps

many thanx

03-08-2011, 10:01 AM
Hello Mate

The calendar can be found here http://www.neamotorsport.co.uk/
At the moment I would expect that racing is every 2nd week on a Sunday from 10am-3pm although this may change in the future, but there will be plenty notification given.

The next race planned is the 14th of August 10-3pm but keep checking on here to see if that changes at all.

For a a 4wd you'd probably get by quite well with yellow minipins with medium inserts but some have been having success with yellow mini spikes and medium inserts.

We only run buggies at seaham and we run 2wd and 4wd depending on the numbers sometimes these are mixed together.
Come along and have a look, great group of lads, very helpful and friendly.

if your just returning to buggies you may want to get down to the Buggy GP this weekend as it will be awesome :-)