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  1. jpmatrix
    Lol. Has Shaun put you up to this? What are you planning to get once you sold the zx6?
    I don't know if the k1 is the right car for me? It seemed to drive fine in the damp but as soon as the track was bone dry, the car didn't drive as well. It's hard to pin point what it is. Maybe it's to do with less weight up front.
  2. Bigphilly
    Hi James, hear you're after a v good shaft drive car? Look no further make me an offer �� Trust me I'm only trying to help.
  3. jpmatrix
    Hi mate. Pm'd you. Oh, did you text me on my phone yesterday by any chance? Didn't recognise the number so I don't generally reply unless I know who it is.
  4. Bigphilly
    Hi James, do you still have your geared diffs? If so would you be interested in selling them? You at torch Sunday?
    Ta Phil

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