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  1. joker
    hi yes i know mark
  2. iang454
    We raced tonight at Silverstone and I have looked at another Losi that raced tonight.
    I am interested in your truck.
    Do you know Justin Kirk, Simon Rankin or Mark Ashforth from the Coventry Club?
    Regards Ian
  3. joker
    ye the plastics are far better than the durango ive put all the alloy bits on the truck that you need and its rely quick on astro and dirt and its a rely tuff truck to.im in the midlands near Coventry. I not doing the last round as ive striped and cleaned it ready for sale
  4. iang454
    Thank you for the reply,
    I like the look of the Losi mechanically as I find the DESC210 very plastic-ee lol
    I run a Schumacher KF myself and I like the attention to detail that Schumacher and the Losi have.
    Where are you in the UK?
    Are you planning on going to the last round of the SC Nationals at Grantham?
  5. joker
    hi you messaged me about the 22sct ive run the truck at the first 2 nationals this year and i think its a lot better than the durango. I got all my bits from wheelspin models and dms racing and they both keep pritty much everything in stock. The only reason in selling it is that is im going to do on road racing and it would just be sitting on my shelf and its to good a truck for that
  6. iang454
    I have been looking at the Losi SC truck this year as my son has been racing a Durango DESC210 in the SC Nationals.
    What is the reason for changing cars?
    Would you say the Losi is a better truck than the DESC210?
    The SC Nationals seems to be flooded with Durangos.
    What are spares like to get hold of and where do you go for yours?
    Where are you based in the UK?

    Sorry for all the questions
    Regards Ian

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