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  1. steveproracing
    No buddy still got it. Can bring to whitcliffe if u comin!
  2. Tobamory
    Did you sell it Steve ?
  3. steveproracing
    Hey bud
    Yeah two sets of cells is fine. As for a double charger I would say you are better with 2 single ones then if one goes wrong at a meeting you could possibly manage and finish the day were with a double one you would be driving home early!! Also they are all really expensive, mainly 100+. You could get 2 of these for 70

    How far do u want to twist my arm??
  4. Tobamory
    Steve quick one, if I buy 2 batteries one for me and son, will that be enough for a day, as you said when we met you just top them up, and that in theory should keep you going all day, Any issues with that ?
    Ive looked at the UAC50 charger, but I was also thinking about 1 that charges 2, you any ideas of a good ish one that wont break the bank ?

    thanks. I like the sound of your radio, be nice if I could twist your arm a little

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