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  1. LucasZ

    Do not worry how it goes tonight. The skill range on Saturdays is very, very wide.
    Some ppl do 4 laps, some 8, some 12 and 16. But it doesn't matter. Its all about fun. And its guaranteed!

    P.S. In recent weeks I managed to come on 2nd or 3rd place. So you have big chances to Win!

    Looking forward to see you Sir. I will take my girlfriend, she will be racing Tamiya Mini

    My Mob: 07835 089541 Lucas
  2. Scotty15
    Hi Lucas

    I will come down tonight so see you there. I dont know how well I will do as I have changed some setting to try and make it handle better so we will see have it goes.

    my number is 07976 808333 if you need to call me.
  3. LucasZ
    Hi Scotty!
    There is a meeting Tonight at Broxtowe (every Saturday during winter season).
    You've got to come. LOTS of fun. We've got consistent number of short course trucks. Around 6-7 every meeting. Doors open at 6pm, racing starts around 7pm.

    Here is exactly where we meet:

    If you have time...
    Kindest regards,

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