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RCModelShopDirect.com 06-04-2017 08:51 PM

Schumacher Tyre & Wheel Sale
This is a sale for the job lot and will not be split. Retail price is 280. This one off price for everything listed is 150!!:thumbsup:

4 x U6804 Yellow Mini Pin Rear
6 x U6608 Yellow Mini Pin Rear
6 x U6803 Blue Mini Pin Rear
2 x U6609 Yellow Mini Pin Front Slim
2 x U6607 Yellow Mini Pin Front
4 X U6581 Yellow Mini Spike Front Slim
1 X U6770 Yellow Cut Stagger Slim
2 X U6518 Blue Mini Spike II Rear
2 X U6558 Yellow Mini Spike II Rear
2 X U6549 Blue Mini Spike II Front Slim
2 X U6517 Blue Mini Spike II Front
6 X U6734 Rear Foams
1 X U6738 Front 2wd Foams
1 X U4496 4wd White wheels Front
1 X U4638 2wd White wheels Front

RCModelShopDirect.com 07-04-2017 03:56 PM


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