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Yardeeee 28-06-2013 04:10 PM

MID WEST EOS entry form online NOW
Hi All,

Sorry for a lack of communication from me recently, major email communication problems. Please see below and spread the word please:

The online entry form for the end of season finals is now online - go along to www.brca-midwest.co.uk and click the pink entry link down the right hand side.

PLEASE READ THE ENTRY INFORMATION CAREFULLY AND FILL THE FORM IN ACCURATELY PLEASE. This is a national event, there is no room for error on admin so please be careful, any mistakes such as putting your surname where it says email address will mean that your entry is ignored - seriously.

I must have all entry info and your payment of 10 per class per event given to me by
Aug 18th for the F2's/Vet/Juniors
Aug 18th for the F345's.
Both the TORCH track (F2/JUN/VET) and the RHR track (F345's) are astroturf. I will send around necessary info on each venue shortly. Both do involve a bit of travel outside of the Mid West, TORCH is Southampton way, and RHR is Blythe.

Each event is qualification based, based on your perfomance in the regional series - I will keep you updated with your entry status come August, but you must provide me with entry and payment regardless, if you fail to gain entry you will be fully refunded.

Thanks a lot, best of luck!

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