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ian6985 01-06-2009 06:58 PM

Milton Keynes Summer Series
MKRCTC’s 2009 Summer Series is now underway.

Catering for Touring Cars running 27 turn brushed or 13.5 brushless, NiMh / NiCad or LiPo cells and a free choice of rubber tyre (no foams or mini-pins), 1/12 Circuit and World GT cars.

As usual there is an end of series trophies and prize raffle – each time you race you get an entry to the raffle. The more times you race the better you chance of winning a prize. The more racers we have the bigger the prize fund. Recent give aways include Schumacher Mi3.5’s and Brushless systems.

To provide you with an even bigger incentive, if you have not raced with us recently then your first race meeting is free.

Further details are available via the clubs website - www.mkrctc.org.uk

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