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Albertini 09-07-2008 08:49 PM

Racing Sunday 13th July
Dave and I are both completely BONKERS:woot: and have been cutting and strimming the grass for Sunday in the rain today.

Changed the track a little aswell so don't delay, get your bums down there this Sunday for ....lets say....a bit before 10.

All welcome and accommodated. I'm not sure the website is up now so directions are ..Wroxham road , north of Norwich, turn right into Muck Lane once you reach Rackheath...along about 800 yards on your left through the gap in the Hedge.:)

Everyone welcome,all abilities, even my daughters going to have a go with her/my Tamiya, she's 8 and can't drive a car for toffee.

Dufty07 12-07-2008 12:13 PM

Seaweed sees all
O.K I know you re all waiting, so here is the seaweed forcast:

Mainly dry with some warm sunshine:). The risk of the odd light shower around in the afternoon:thumbdown:. Maximum temperature 21 C. Winds west at about 12mph, with gusts to 23mph, so watch those jumps people...........:thumbsup:

SOOOOOOOOOO I WILL C U TRAKSIDE!!!!!!!! 4wd or 2wd dave, or both!!!!

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