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Ive been racking my brains about how we could change up the format, and to be fair I have gone around in circles, the format we use now is closest to that outlined by IFMAR I think from what I have researched. It is very very difficult to come up with something any better.

However after about 10 non starting ideas I think I may have come up with a decent half way house format that would not upset too many people and make for a more fun meeting.

  • 2 rounds of Staggered (current style) Quali - using the rocket round format so fastest time counts for rankings and this would sort the order for the next stage.
  • 2 Rounds of PRE FINALS (still effectively qualifying) - Heads up racing against the clock. Starting together on the same clock in rows of 2 side by side, with double grid spot spacing. Scoring still done overall on time as it is now.
  • RESORT THE GRIDS FOR MAIN FINALS - Overall quali position made up from best result in each phase of quali - so best 1 from the staggered rounds and best 1 from the Heads up rounds.
  • 3 Finals as they are now. 2 to count With added points for drivers finishing ahead of their Qual position (1pt per place)
  • 2pts for the fastest lap of the day, however if the fastest lap is set by a driver who took max points for Qual and Finals then it goes to the next fastest lap.
  • Points for Finals would be 105pts for first to mitigate the risk of being beaten on points by someone who came 2nd but made up places to get there.
  • Possibility of adding a 1 round SuperFinal for the top 3 drivers from the top 3 heats for some extra points or some other incentive??

    Points only for finals - No points for quali, THIS IS RACING NOT TIME ATTACK!!!!
Im sure there are a few holes in this as there is with our current system, but this coupled with a proper enforceable penalty system I genuinely think it could help. Its still four rounds of quali and 3 finals as it is now, just made 2 of the quali rounds heads up style so everyone can get more experience of wheel to wheel racing, get to know the cars your up against. Which means by the time you get to the MAIN finals everyone will be that be less nervous and overall more comfortable in the group they are in thus "hopefully" leading to a bit more respect on the day.

A more readable version here: See Proposed Idea 2. (plus another Idea too)
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