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Originally Posted by Slider SCT View Post
Ok flame thrower lit!!!
Say you break in the 1st of either segment of your qually system and can't get out for the second...............50% of your qually score is lost............see you in the z final!

Ever watched any 1:1 racing where a full on race decides your qualifying for the main event? , it's usually brings out the 'axe murderer' in certain drivers.............we all know a few that will drive through you rather than wait for a clean passing opportunity

Why give additional points for a 2nd fastest lap if the fastest lap is achieved by the final winning driver? No reward for consistency and skill, let's make no2 special??

Driver starts 10th finishes 1st 114 points , driver starts 1st finishes 2nd what's he get 99? Hmmmm:, sounds like a good excuse for sand bagging and more bumping and bashing as the sand baggers make their way through the will happen, I've seen it in bump up finals!
This is why I put it out there, as I said im sure its full of holes, the fact is we spend too much time doing Time Attack and not a lot of racing, and thats the bit I wanted to change, with the format I suggested you still get 4rds of qualifying with 50% counting and it would be the same for all, but in that you get 2 more proper races as such?

To get 114pts you would need to go from the 10th to first in the A final, and when has that ever happened in the history of the UK SC nats LOL but I do get your point. You could always bump up and relegate the top and bottom 2 drivers from each final for the last final, that should ward off the sand baggers.

The fastest lap pts would be so that it would make the championship much tighter at the top as it would allow more chances for others to catch them up, no one likes a domination, its an incentive, but to that end, if you already have MAX points then 2 more will just make that person pretty well untouchable in the standings.

There will always be times when it doesnt go our way (look at A1) but thats racing. Proper prep and all that, no format can allow for this unless you do 7 rounds of Time Attached with only your BEST 1 to count?
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