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Originally Posted by Legend Racer View Post
The biggest problem with how it is, is that qualifying is actually racing, like it or not that's how it always pans out for most of us, and I'm not sure there's any way of preventing that is there? I think having less trucks in the heats would help and spacing the stagger more so hopefully they're further apart, but having less in heats means less marshals and more time needed in the day.
The only way to actually make qualifying as it should be is to make the racing zero contact and have several refs handing out proper penalties, one ref can't see everything or you make the marshalls themselves referees but that opens a can of worms as some pay no attention and use the time for a rest!.
Less trucks = less marshalls = longer to get marshalled so that's a no no.

Spacing the stagger,hmmm ok on large tracks, on short laps car 10 isn't far off being physically 'lapped' as soon as it starts. This happens a lot at my local club where laps are 11-15 seconds
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