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Theres always going to be scope for those to abuse regardless of the system, I would just prefer to have more PROPER RACES in the day. Practice makes perfect, we know practicing the day before doesnt help at all for the finals when your up against 9 others as; most people will have spent the day before doing their own thing on not worrying about racing others. More RACING means more experience, which over time will improve everyones racing ability when it comes to wheel to wheel action.

Fundamentally I dont agree with points for qualifying, we come to RACE not to do time trials as I said before, if people want to do that we should drop the finals and HEADS UP grid starts and just do Time Attack 2 at a time 5 laps then the next lot. Racing is not all about being the fastest outright on the day, its about cirucumstance/luck/prep/skill all coming together at the same time; racing is about swapping positions and battling for position and having a blast at the same time.

I have had some epic battles on track this year and would love to have more of the same, yeah we get odd round where its our turn to be the target and get battered all over the shop, but this happens in every discipline not just trucks.

Simply put More Racing Action PLEASE.

PS im liking the sound of the Reedy race format more and more!!
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