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Default Racing Sunday 15th July yes or no??

Hi All,

Thank you to those that did turn up the weekend hope you had a good day.

The problem is the numbers are not good enough after only having 6 drivers there the weekend we are now think is it worth it. The problem for us is the overheads and if we do not get enough drivers then we can not pay the rent. Leaving ourselfs out of pocket.

So the question is do we hold a race meeting on Sunday the 15th July or not?

Please if you can make it can you post below so we have an idea of numbers to see if it is worth doing it or not. Plus if you know others that are coming please post and could people please spread the word.

Would like to keep hold of this venue for the winter but the way things are going does not look like it will happen.

Many Thanks Y.R.C.C
Robin Paynter.

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