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Originally Posted by daz75 View Post
Dont get why they so that. Same with the rc10. Why not keep selling it?
Because to keep on selling it they have to produce another batch and unless they can guarantee that they can sell them there's no point. The current sales figures they have from the Topcat and XLS will tell them whether it is viable for them to keep on making them.

Selling kits and spares are two different items entirely. Spares they can keep on producing as long as there's spare time on the moulding machines to knock some out. Time is spent setting up the machines each time and companies don't have an unlimited number of moulding machines or lathes and mills to make parts, so spares will go out of production if they are selling in limited numbers and the machines that make them are being used for more profitable items.

Kits are a whole different thing. If Schumacher wants to keep selling the re-released they could probably still do so, if they were just selling a bag of parts. For a kit they need instruction manuals and boxes printing, then all the parts bags putting together. To make printing boxes and manuals viable they would need to order a large quantity, so there's money tied up that they won't get back if they don't sell the kits. To keep the price down let's say Schumacher have to make a batch of 200 kits, usually it would be among more. So that's taking workers and machines off the production of 200 other models they are making, that will likely be selling in more quantities. Let's say it costs Schumacher 100 to put each kit together, for 200 kits that means they are tying up 20,000 of their money in 200 kits that will have to sell, plus warehouse space storing them. Not a problem if they are still selling well, but Schumacher will know almost all their market for the re-releases will have already bought them so there's no reason to keep making them if they are just going to sit in their warehouse. Why spend all that money on a batch of re-releases that they won't sell the majority of, when they can spend their time and money making kits that they can get straight out of the door.

If the factory is working full time making Eclipses, Icons and Cougar Laydowns then the last thing they will be thinking about is doing extra work that won't add to the companys profits.
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