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Old 13-10-2015
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Default slightly overpriced maybe??

Browsing fleabay as yoy do i came across this new in bix original egress at a slightly inflated price..........take a look for yourselves. Item number 262087210515
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Old 13-10-2015
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Sod that a Tamiyas not worth that!
My feedback feel free to add anything
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Old 13-10-2015
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Haha, this is pretty ridiculous. It reminds me of back in 2007/2008 when I was collecting Tamiya's instead of racing, before people felt their was a financial crisis and before Tamiya started putting out re-releases faster than new releases, people were paying up to 5000USD for a NIB Porsche 934 Black edition, USD2000-2500 for the Sand Scorcher and Rough Rider and ridiculous prices for the Avante and Egress as well... I see the appeal of vintage cars, but at what price... my 1/2th scale (Suzuki Alto) cost less!

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Old 13-10-2015
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AWESOME !!!!! Still shrink wrapped, yet opened for pictures ? cost you the same amount to get it through customs......

I could buy the MRS another KIA PICANTO for that amount......

You dont even get a MAN DRIVER !!!!!!!!
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Old 13-10-2015
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Having actually bought and raced one was possibly one of the worst cars ive ever owned. The only good thing about the car was the bumper. Its not worth more than £300
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Old 13-10-2015
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The other thing i find very surprising is that any of these Tamiya's are shrink wrapped.
I used to work in a toyshop that sold a lot of tamiyas around this time, i've sold a few Egress's, many Avante's and far too many run of the mill cars to mention and also made them up for customers too and not one of them ever came from RiKo (Richard Kohnstam) the distributors in Hemel Hempstead shrinkwrapped.
I'm not saying none of them were shrinkwrapped but i never saw any that were.
Still not worth 2 grand no matter what it is though!
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Old 13-10-2015
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Default wrap

ha, its not shrink wrapped, hes just wrapped the lid of the box in cling film ( cookin stuff )
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