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Old 08-09-2014
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Default New stuff in stock...

At SMD we have had some new items in stock for September..

Sanwa MT-4 Multi reciever set features 2 x 461 recievers and 1 x 451 receiver (3 receivers total)RRP £324.99

Sanwa MX-V multi receiver set comes with two 371w (waterproof receivers) its a great value set at £99.99 http://www.smddirect.co.uk/101a30877...-x-rx-37w-2860

Sanwa MT-4s (with 472 rec)
, £249.99 which is faster than the MT-4 and has the SSL funtionality of the M12 (for adjusting speedo from the radio)

Sanwa SGS-01c Sanwa gyro £79.99

LRP Touch charger 2014 £129.99

Check with your favourite delaer for the best deal..
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