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Old 20-05-2016
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Default The Oasis Strikes Back!

Good day Humans!
So this clip turned out to be an adventure for sure, with a two hour drive and a 4 hour hike to get into some of the best known trailing around. I ended up snapping a CVD from my own mistake but I managed to pull off the run without the needed parts, which by the way I left in the car to lighten the load for the trail!!! Figures.. I shouldn't complain about this truck, with over upgrades this rig has seen 10's of thousands of kilomters 5 full rebuilds, 7 motor combos, 6 servos and plenty of good times. This vehicle introduced me into making RC videos over 4 years ago and every time I'm out on the trail with it its like having a good friend with me. I won't lie i love my truck and the times it has broken down it has been because of me. Hard work and effort really pays off and to me i think it shows in this video.
I hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as I enjoyed making it Thank you my friend and until next time...
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