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  1. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    dude,are you going 10.5 for petit? i reckon i am if last yrs tracks anything to go by! oh,i just read your stamppy messagaes....was he on drugs....(WTF was he on about?????) wuv voo honey xxxxx
  2. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Gaz, I`m looking for a servo to stick in the Mardave.
    I Can't remember have you got any cheapy ones you might want to sell.
    Don`t have to be fantastic
  3. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    I`m being lazy, did we use the overdrive front pulley in the diff or the one way ?
    Think it was the one way.

    I nuked my diff last night. Are you racing Sunday ?
  4. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Did you charge your LRP lipo before using it or was it already charged.

    Hows it going on the job front matey ???
  5. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    What Pro diff you got mate? Did you buy one prebuilt ?
    Just tooks the idler gears out - they are so so shagged
  6. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Well wot i`m confused ????
  7. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
  8. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Stormforce is where my Energ4600 come from mate
  9. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    You running the X11 at EPR on Sun mate ?
  10. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    oh,fuck does it?

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