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  1. spybot
    Rich, that CAT 3000 I was planning to buy fell thru' so I've decided I'm going to save up & buy all new gear.

    I've decided on A CAT SX3 Pro (Carbon Fibre) & have picked out everything else to buy over the next few months & I'm hoping to be racing on August 28th.

    There are a few things I need a bit of advice on so I was wondering if it would be possible to give me a call when you are sat at a computer & you can look at what I've picked out & advise me.

    My Phone Numbers are :-

    (I) (01623) 404165 (Home)
    (II) 07757 701592 (Mobile)

    As the call could take a while it might be best to miss call my mobile & I'll call you back.

    Thanx Matey

  2. dicky14
    Its Richard Stain and the trailer used to be stored at evans halshaw, hows tricks dude, long time no see
  3. spybot
    Hi dicky my name is Michael Webb Orignally the trailer was stored at my house if ur refering to the big blue trailer then things were left in the store room after that I'm afraid I couldn't tell you as I stopped racing. remember all the pieces of black and white wood that was used to make the track in those days well I still remember painting all those and stapling all the velcro on them

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