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  1. Danosborne6661
    Hey mate, when would you have the money cause I could keep it aside for you if you really want?
  2. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    T4, yup good truck, basically a long whel base b4. Awesome!
  3. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    D'oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metal is the way forward, lol
  4. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    ooo if you have a stick pack then that defo wont fit the B44 sadly, it will fit a Lazer or tamiya durga, cat sx or B4.
    Both associated cars B44 and B4 are mainly aimed at competition racing so have very strong gearboxes. In terms of bashing id say th B4 will be more up to the job, it just feels stronger. The only thing to bear in mind with using the car for fun is tyre wear. Any car will chew through tyres mega fast if used on tarmac. On a race weekend you tend to do 1 or 2 practice runs, 4 qualifiers and 2 races at 5 mins each thats only 40 mins in total and even on grass or astro you can easily do a set of tyres. on tarmac they will wear faster!
  5. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    continued 2.......But sure if you end up with a buggy or just fancy running the truck and getting some experience you are more than welcome to come along. Tracy and myself are in the process of house hunting so thats probably going to be a few weeks to find a place but when we do and we get moved in feel free to pop round for a chat mate.
  6. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Contined..........The parts for the B44 are stocked by every shop you can think of. The cars are very strong, easy to drive and easy to setup well. You can also pick up nice clean used examples for between 100-150 as a rolling chassis. Ive raced one for the last 2 seasons and it sits pride of place on the display shelf now as i have moved to racing Schumacher cars. In terms of racing outside, the South east regional season has just finnished but there will be a winter championship coming up, racing once a month for 6 months at Eden Park Raceway (check out the website). You can race the lazer or B44 and your truck at any of the outdoor events no problem. All you need to do is join the BRCA in order to race. You need to join as it gives you a race licence as such and it covers you for public insurance and boring legal stuff, anyway you need it before you can race.
  7. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hi Jon. Looking at the XTM it looks alright! ive never seen one before but you could happily use it in the truck classes i race in with your ezrun system. When you say its not feeling that good do you mean electrical issues or handling issues. Sometimes the truck will require setup or gearing changes to cope with the more powerfull motors. I.e the more power you put in it the more understeer you will get as the car tries the wheelie rather than drive forwards. Also the car will try to break away at the rear as you put the power down. These kind of problems can be sorted with setup changes. With regards to a new buggy i would always recomend an Associated B44 rather than a lazer.
  8. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hello! Tracy told me that she had spoken to you today. What car have you got? if you race outside you can race whatever motor you like. Indoors at faversham they only race 1/10 scale buggys and you are limited to 13.5 turn brushless or 27 thurn brushed.

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