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  1. rondoolaa
    hey, andrew hopper,

    still no associated drivers, are you ever going to send them, or am i just another mug who you couldnt care less about ripping off?
  2. maseace
    what a comment, think about it you are on here too!!!!!!, or do you not have a brain>>>>> You even came on here to con people out of money so you must be a pikey B, can i suggest if you need money that bad go out a get a job, yeah thats it at the end of a hard week you earn money not get other peoples that have worked for it by trying con them. Your no better then a thief !!scum of the earth!! you can say what you like back i wont respond as i dont need too you just making your self now look like a fool>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Busadaddy
    Do i give a shit you aint got no mates that why your on here! Loser
  4. maseace
    Ha ha your pathetic, you tried to rip of one of my mate and funny until people started to have a go at you, you didn't send the items you where hoping people would just go away but I can't stand people like you and I would have kept it going for months just to make sure no one forgot what you were doing. Lucky after four weeks you sent the item the good thing is no one on here will ever trust you again
  5. Busadaddy
    Pissoff nosy twat
  6. maseace
    Busadaddy you have logged on since all the posts why don't you give back the money or send them the good if I was one of them I would have the police at your door. People like you ruin sites like this for everyone
  7. billyboy9002
    me too, i paid for a hauler on the 20th may and still nothing has turned up, i have phoned him, emailed and pm'd no answer to any

    after nearly 4 weeks the hauler has turned up
  8. maseace
    Remember if he has done this it is theft and my bet is to report him to The police even if it is a fiver as I'm sure oople or his club have the address for them to make an arrest, don't let him get away with it
  9. B3buggy
    I am in the same boat, he was keen to reply via PM and email, paid for the item, but now nothing! That was over 2 weeks ago.
  10. rondoolaa
    why doesnt this guy reply to private messages and e'mails,

    the items i paid for in confidence never arrived

    it was some team associated drivers i purchased
    (added this bit in case someone else purchased the same items)

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