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Old 25-04-2023
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Default The state of racing

We all love a tight and twisty carpet track. But indoor living lacks vitamin D. So, would we not be better off having grass tracks and a variety of jumps, which can be easily constructed and deconstructed on the bequest of the land owner? MM3 is fastest right?
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Old 26-04-2023
toyolien toyolien is offline
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I agree. I started racing in 1991 and pretty much every track was grass, with the odd dirt track. It was bloomin' marvellous. I stopped racing in 2000, and re-started again in 2010. In those ten years, all the tracks we used to race on had either closed, gone indoors, or turned to Astro. I would really like to see a return to plain grass tracks where the conditions change through out the day as more and more cars run over it.

For me, carpet and high grip Astro tracks are a little 'soul less'. That's just my opinion. Probably swayed by a little nostalgia.
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Old 27-04-2023
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Grass tracks take more looking after which is the down side, though I guess ultimately cheaper in the long run, they are in my opinion the best surface to race on and tire wear is minimal comparatively. Fortunately for me I'm only an hour from Kendal where southlakes club still race on grass
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Old 05-05-2023
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can't beat grass

still racing on grass down in Cornwall

Got a regionals in July and was the best turn out Last year in the SW. everyone love the surface.

only thing we've astro turfed is the straight due to the power digging holes
Grass all the way
simon mills

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