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Old 14-09-2011
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Just a little extra encouragement for parents - my mother smoked in my childhood, and I was diagnosed asthmatic when I was 5 (still have it). Coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so.

For those struggling to quit, you might want to look at the electronic cigarette solution - it gives you your nicotine fix (which you can gradually diminish), you don't have to smoke the whole thing in one go (battery powered) and it 'gives you something to hold'.

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Old 14-09-2011
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I started smoking 15 years ago and have basically been on 25-50 cigs a day since then.

Never really wanted to stop and actually really liked smoking. The whole routine behind it and the paraphenalia associated with smoking was nice. First thing I did in the morning and last thing I did at night were have a cigarette.

That was then.

My girlfriend and I started taking champix because she wanted to stop and I thought it wouldn't work anyway. The great thing about it was that I was able to continue smoking while taking the tablets.
A week later I was glad to stop and really looking forward to smoking my last cigarette. The way champix worked meant I wasn't getting what I was expecting from the fags and smoking a steady 30 odd a day to try and compensate as you didn't get what you wanted from the cigs anymore.

That was six weeks ago.

Six weeks down the line I look back on 15 years of smoking and think - why? I can walk further, have a better sense of smell and taste, can sit still for more than 2 hours without getting fidgety or irritable, have more cash, etc.
One of the major things I dread to think about is how bad smokers smell. I have several colleagues at work who I always used to go have a cigarette with and they smell like ass to me now. To think I smelled the same really makes me shiver. They really smell shit.

The champix did not get on very well with me either and 5 weeks of stomach cramps and other side effects I have quit and like it that way.
One thing that did help with the fidgeting were the plastic cigs called crafe-away i think. No nicotine in them, just the shape and size of a cigarette and you can take a drag on them too if you like.

At the end of the day one thing is left to be said:

Stop Smoking -
It makes you smell like ass!
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