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Old 18-09-2019
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Default Vacuum forming body’s

Anyone vacuum formed there own wings and body’s? I have a small former and hoping to do a few 1/10 wings and body’s but looking for recommendations on best material to form with and a good supplier. I have looked on eBay for 1mm Lexan but not 100% sure it’s the right thing ?
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Old 19-09-2019
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Steve haskins AKA penguin shells on eBay will supply you lexan
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Old 12-10-2019
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We run Phat Bodies from down south .. we don't tend to do so much in 10th off road these days ... 12th scale being more our thing but design and make all our own moulds

If you're looking for a quantity of polycarbonate try Brissco in Bristol .. they're very good and supply us with loads ...

They stock Macrolon in 1mm thickness which is very good and forms well or can source Lexan in 0.7mm thickness which again is some of the best quality available ..

I'd stay away from the cheap stuff as qualities not so great .. and don't bother with PetG ..

If you need a smaller quantity get in touch I'm sure we could sort you out with something ..

you can email me at - phatproducts@googlemail.com
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Old 15-10-2019
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Cheers many thanks I managed to get A large sheet of 1mm palsun polycarb which I think is made my Perspex fro a local supplier. just got to work out the best way of translating some cad designs to a master ! The hardest thing I’m trying to figure is to get the cut lines accurately into it, I could cnc the form but only have 3 axis and would really need 5 for that, the other option is 3D print something to then use as a form to make a resin master.

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