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Old 23-02-2019
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Default please help me understand tyres

Hi all. i've recently got back into the hobby and i'm struggling to understand about tyres.

i'm running a schumacher KF2 with a 17.5t motor, while i learn how to drive again.

i have some sets of min spikes in both yellow and silver (as this is what used to be the go to tyre at the club 5 years ago)

I also have some yellow mini pins and some yellow cactus tyres.

the track i race at is a mix of short astro/outdoor carpet and a small bit of concrete. when it is wet it is very slippery and greasy, when it dries out it can get higher grip. it is also very bumpy. quite a few people run mini darts and say they provide more /or less! grip and that the mini pins might be too grippy.

they also talk about low profile and higher profile, and to be honest i'm a bit confused! i have low profile cut staggers on the front and they seem to be doing the job well

anyone who can explain this in a newbie manner please?
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Old 23-02-2019
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I’m no expert, but I’ll give it a go.
Grip comes from 2 contributors, the compound of rubber (causing traction between tyre and surface) and the size /shape of the tread pattern giving mechanical grip.
As an all-round compound, Schumacher yellow is the standard for dry conditions, and silver, as a much softer rubber works better in wet (but wears very quickly in the dry)
In regards the tread pattern mini spike is often looked at as the “mid point” forgiving tyre. Easy to drive, but there are occasionally quicker choices.
On Astro, mini pins will give more bite, but as the point is smaller, it will wear quicker so they need changing more frequently. I’ve heard it said that you can get 2-3 times the use out of mini spikes over mini pins, but the pins might be slightly quicker when new.
Darts changed things as they gave quite even wear, and (in my opinion) were as quick as pins, but as forgiving as spikes.
On indoor carpet I’m told cactus are good, but never tried them.
I will happily be corrected 😀
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Old 24-02-2019
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Default Tyres

It always worth talking/looking at what other drivers are running.

The Schumacher cactus a recent tire for astro and carpet, really works well in the dry, good grip without grip roll and lasts a long time - I think I got 6 meetings out of my last set.

When it's wet I know what you mean about being slippery, the go to tyre for wet/slippery conditions is the ballistic buggy minispike in green. It's a much squarer profile and gives really good grip.
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