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Old 13-08-2018
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Default Do X factory still have an off road presence?

I have fond memories of my X and was wondering if X factory were going to re-enter the off road racing scene
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Old 13-08-2018
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I think with stiff competition even between big brands right now, I guess chances of X-Factory reliving their glory days once more with injection moulded kits is very slim.

By any small manufacturer really, by the way: Sadly enough it's hard to make a living from ingeneous design and dedication to the hobby these days. Quantity over quality is a contagious thing sweeping the (RC) industry...

Still, who knows what X-Factory are working on. We've only had a taste of the potential of 3D printing for the RC industry; not just printing parts for end use, but also to make other methods (tools/tooling for conventional production methods) cheaper. It means small teams with good ideas still stand a chance to be a step ahead of the big guys

3D Printing Upgrade Parts - FF210 Buggy
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Old 29-08-2018
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We have to make a profit to stay in business, and have discovered making parts to improve others' cars is more profitable than Conversion Kits. Also, both the X - 5 and X - 6 made major changes and improvements to the donor cars, and we don't see that possibility right now.

For the past several years we have been making carbon fiber parts in house. U.S. made CF and the work done here too. Nothing from China.

Paul is all grown up now -- 33, married, a new baby -- and holds a full time job designing robotic medical equipment. X Factory continues at a slower pace. Paul designs stuff, writes toolpaths, and I run the machines. We've made and sold a ton of great parts recently, including a tower-forward kit for the TLR 22 3.0 and arm stiffeners for the TLR 8ight. Our CF idler shafts are must-have items for certain cars. Our CF chassies for the AE 5 series still sell and transform those cars. These parts, and items to come, are called the X Factory Infinity line.

So the answer is, "yes!!!" we remain in the off-road business, and Darren Boyle's X Factory U.K. continues as our U.K. importer.

Engineering Without Fear
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