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Default Sunday 9th December

Grass track is looking great for tomorrow, I've lifted the astro before the table top and levelled it out a bit, but not yet tested, so if anyone hits the track before I get there beware as I have no idea how it will jump!!
Now the bad bit, we had loads of rain yesterday and more tonight the rallyx track is good apart from some deep puddles, I did sweep it off but we have had more rain tonight so be prepared for some sweeping in the morning and sadly some mud!
The 10th dirt track has puddles but as we are not using it..no problem! I have done some more concrete apexes on corners they are covered over to protect from rain but please don't stand on them
Im going to try and start earlier, so if you can't make it before 10.30 let me know on here or via text and I will book you in, if we have delays I will run three rounds as the light has gone by 3.30 and if its cold we will all be wanting an early finish.


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