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Old 26-07-2017
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Default 6 months of PR ownership

I thought i would post a little i for about my time so far with PR cars.

I started 10th buggy racing july last year. Started with used b5m and then a B6.

But saw a PR FM at club meeting and had to have one.

December last year I collected it and the love affair began. I soon added a 4wd and then a 2wd MM version.

Im far from an expert but when i started racing 12 months back i kind of had targets. You know.how it is. See certain racers at the club and think. Hey i would love t be as good as them. Or able to.race against them on a good day.

The 2wd buggy has been used nearly every weekend. Indoor and outdoor.

I broke 1 wishbone at swindon regional a month or so back. Was hit and taken into the track edge by another car on main straight.i was amazed it was just an arm.

The front shock tower started to show a slight crack in the shiney surface. But it had a lot.of hard crashes at maritime as i had never jumped a buggy properly and there was monster doubles lol.

Its been ultra reliable and easy to drive.

On exactly the 1 year mark since I started buggy racing I made my first A final at 1 local club. Against drivers that i never expected to be racing with when i first started.
Then the following week i made A final at my.other local club and finished A2. Have received many compliment on the car and how my driving has improved.

Just recently i have treated it to a few upgrade parts.

Not sure i need them. But i wanted them lol
Usual great service from inside line models.

If you looking for something thats strong. Reliable and the parts do t cost a fortune then you really.would struggle.to better a PR buggy.

Front camber links. These can be mounted in two positions hi or lo. Then theres spacer options obviously under the ballstuds.
As well as inboard or outboard mount.

Rear camber link mount. Variety of mounting options. This also serves as roll bar mount and takes all stress off the gearbox housing.

This mod wasnt done for any reason other than i wanted to try it. The stock clutch works fine but i always loved my schelle clutch on the b5m and b6.

Yet to try this out but will update how i get on with it

I run orion servo and with my old 3vc radio i had full steering lock with end points at around the 112 to 113% setting
I changed to 3vcs amd for some reason the exact same car wouldnt give full lock even at 120%

So. I have fitted a B6 alloy servo horn. Had to releive the underside of the top brace just to clear the balljoint as the horn is roughly 1mm longer ctc than the kit PR horn.

My servo is on PR alloy servo mounts and spaced forward by 4.5mm to give near perfectly straight linkage.

Now i have full lock at 108% travel left and right. That satisfys my ocd engineer brain lol.

The mm buggy doesnt get used as much as its my wet car. But gets the job done when needed.

The 4wd. Well thats just like driving an angry animal. It roars and hammers around..
Im.regularly A final at club and currently 2nd in club chamionship.
Love it but my main class is 2wd.

The common thing that people do comment on is how the 2wd FM still looks like a new or very nearly new buggy. Theres no real slop or play despite it being raced a lot.

My MM is becoming like the local village bike lol. Letting new interested racers borrow her and try buggies out.

Going to make the big step up next year from club amd regionals. Try a few national meetings.
AE all the way
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Old 06-08-2017
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Got to say it's by far the most reliable car I've driven in machanical and performance wise it never breaks and always performs well but today I did have a moan thinking the car was acting strange but in the end it was all down to tyres as per usual a change of tyres and the car performed great and so durable and till only £260 it's a bargain, also I raced against the new budget pr s1 v3 fm and that went very well to for £160 it's a steel for someone wanting to get into 2wd buggies so thumbs up at leverton raceway were there are now 6 pr 2wd cars it's the car have at the mo and. I carnt see that changing for a while
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Old 06-08-2017
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Great write up, keep us updated.
Aidan Burke - Southport Radio Car Club
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Old 06-08-2017
tonydevon tonydevon is offline
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Ran it today at mendip.
The new clutch worked a treat.

Very very proud and pleased. Copied setups from team drivers but just dont suit my driving style. Or lack.of lol.

So have been forced to experiment and learn my own setups and changes.

Car handled superb today..

4 rounds qualifying. Went 9th 10th 3rd and 6th
The 6th was close run and less than 2 seconds covered 3 of us.

So i ended up A7

Got away and was enjoying a race. For once in life i was racing. Not moving over every corner lol.

Car was consistent and fast.

Was 5th and battling with 4th place.
Tiny stupid error. And the plastic netting took me prisoner. Sadly the marshall was postioned such that he simply couldnt see it. Lap after lat of 20 and 21 seconds.

Then a 32 and watch 3 cars go by

Hey ho.

Tiverton track next weekend and back to.mendip.for.regional the weekend after.
AE all the way
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Old 11-08-2017
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Really nice to hear how club drivers get on with the cars.

In essence, they are strong, reasonably priced, have superb spares/technical backup and are fast.....and are getting faster!

Keep it up!

1985, 1986 & 1987 Scottish 1/10th Off-Road Champion.

Re-started 2012. With Caster SK10
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Team Inside Line Racing with PR Racing buggies for 2016, 2017 & 2018.
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Old 09-11-2019
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New to the pr cars here but ran my type r Evo on carpet over the last few weeks and it's a bloody good car. I started with Tom yardys carpet setup but as the primafelt carpet we use has lower grip levels i made some changes. I went 2 gears 7500 in the diff and went for 400cst in the rear shocks. I also went for the inner hole on the steering extensions to increase Ackerman and the changes made all the difference. Kev Lee at inside line has been really helpful as always with advice and answering any questions I have which is nice lol. I am still learning other aspects of the car but certainly one happy pr owner.
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Old 11-03-2020
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how does it compare with the xray cars?
Pricewise it's great but how about quality and durability?

Also, which version would you recommend for outdoor astro track?

Thank you
Enjoy RCing....
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Old 12-03-2020
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Hi the latest 2020 version with the free chassis upgrades, they are as good as any buggys on the market, and their made in the republic China which is where all the high spec mountain bike etc come from, not main land China

See 6K racing
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