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Old 21-08-2019
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Default Lazer ZX S Evo for 3D CAD Copy - lending ?

Hi folks,

as the Kyosho Guys not seem to bring back some really good rare iconic cars like the Lazer ZX S Evo i wanted to use my Solidworks Skills (i am a industrial constructor for machines) to create a full digital 3D Copy of that car. I did the same with several parts of many other older cars and am planning to post the CAD Data for free on my soon to release retro museum.

I have created many parts (and a few complete model sets) yet but havenīt had the chance to create a Lazer ZX S Evo "copy" as i still didnīt managed to get a good shaped car in my fingers.

As all you guys from UK almost started the retro hype in RC i am sending out this please in order to find someone who is willing to lend me his car - of course we might need to talk about a deposit in case anything gets damaged, lost a.s.o.

Of course reasonable offers from someone who is willing to sell such a car are also welcome. Please feel free to contact me via oople for further details.

The thing behind it is the useability of todays most advanced powder printing technology in form of the MJF machines from HP - really extrem cool stuff. The possibilities with these printers are almost limitless as the parts are accurate by 0.1mm (or less) and the strenght can be used for really useable 3D Printed parts.

The CAD Data of such a car project needs to be fully measured manually and needs a lot of development to fully resemble the lazer ZX S Evo in 3D. Solidworks offers the tools that are needed for this bigger task but the major problem seems to be the time - as i can only use my spare time for it the 3D Digitalisation might need over 1 year - maybe even 2.

If there are any guys out there who are willing to help the community to create a 3D parts database starting with the Lazer ZX S - please contact me any time.

If there are other Designers/Constructors with Pro CAD Software ablities out there - letīs talk about things for creating old iconic cars in 3D - for example AYK cars - as they are no longer on the market and still need some parts here and there.

Greetings from Hamburg/ Germany


p.s. Picture just shows a small change to an AYK 566B Super TRail as the Inner Body was totally new designed and printed in 0,8mm thickness on such a MJF Machine.
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Old 22-08-2019
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If i still had mine I'd help you out.

Issue is cars brittle and even strengthening in those places there's a lot of others lurking in the back ground and was why it was a limited run but it was stunning on clay and dirt, winning Japanese nats in front of Masami after winning the world's with his YZ10 says how good it was.

Shame it was utter rubbish on high grip and a total redesign on the front and rear width, weight placement and crazy oil weights helped but made the car almost undriveable. Also add the servo hole outer and inner hole if going for making the one piece chassis design as that layout worked better for me plus a lot in Japan. Otherwise I gave all the flat template bits to fibrelyte to copy so at least you can get chassis, chassis brace, front and rear tower, L brace, motor plate and other bits.

Still I loved driving mine and did make an alloy rear tower mount via Manolis, an alloy front bottom gearbox sections also by him. Also front plate flexed and cracked the plastic gearbox casings, smaybe a good idea on coming up on strengthening the bend, I looked at the pivot block for a redesign as a way around it. But then again you'll work it out.

It will be fun, keep us posted
Sworkz UK team driver
Designer of the Lazer ZX/ZXR carbon fibre tub chassis
Designer of the Lazer ZXRS

Team Fabiix Batteries (Yuasa), always in front when using sanyo scrcs.
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Old 23-08-2019
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Jupp youīre right, thatīs what i have heard too, but that is the option on 3D making it 100% original OR making a newer more powerful and much more reliable version. On my old style restaurations i always have to make the same decision - sometimes quite clear wich way to go, but often i also print 2 versions in order to test it out.

Hopefully there are some guys out there who are willing to help, anyway as this is a please, feel also free to think about other genious cars that might be reworked on a solidworks plattform - not to mention the ability to produce apre parts for these cars.

Letīs cross fingers . . .

By the way: I am planning on a totally 3D Yokomo 870C/ Works, of course the 3D Data will be also released on my old company server (the company was shut down but i still have the server and the domain.) This was the reason why i started working on a digital rc car museum - not only for pictures but for useable data too.
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Old 23-08-2019
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If you cannot source a complete car straight away it might be worth starting by asking what parts are most rare and easily broken , many cars end up on a display shelf because its virtually impossible to find that commonly broken part , to start this way you only need to buy examples of those key parts and once correctly modeled they can be sold again .
The other idea I plan on using is to model both exact copy's of parts for display and a reinforced version to be used on a car to be driven .
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Old 2 Days Ago
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Off course the sourcing of spare parts (the most breakable ones come first ) is also a possible way into a full CAD copy of the Lazer ZXS .

Feel free to contact me any time if you have some of these parts or might lend me some for recreation.

Anyway, IF there is anyone out there who is willing to part with his Lazer ZXS (as a fully complete car) please let me know either.
If the price isnīt too way out of this world it might be also a thing to start the CAD copy of parts.

This isnīt the cheapest way for me (i think it will be the most costly way ) but i am willing to share the final CAD design with all interested ones and put the final results onto my upcoming homepage to allow everybody the repair of the car.
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