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Old 13-10-2011
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Could do, but would only have to take it out of the door as I work at home
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Old 13-10-2011
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Originally Posted by smokes View Post
How are you getting on with the synapse as i am thinking about getting one, in 58cm.
I'm loving it!

I've nothing else to compare it to road bike wise, but it seems good to me. The ride is smoother than I feared it might have been. The Synapse is supposed to smooth out the vibrations of the road and I'd say it must do so a bit. I'm riding on back roads pretty much all of the time, they're rough in places and they can feel it here and there, but on the whole it's very smooth.

The seat didn't suit me, I found it uncomfortable, but that's just a personal thing.

I've changed the brake blocks too as coming from a disc brake mountain bike the Synapse's felt underpowered, but they are much better now with the Koolstop blocks fitted.

The gear's are great, the shifters are easy to use and the ratio's suit me well. I spend 95% of my time in the drops so being able to shift either way whilst in them is good.

I thought I'd need either a 56 or more than likely a 58cm, but ended up with the 56. I'm 182cm -just under 6ft, but I've got a long top half compared to my legs and I have a positive ape index!

BTW they're only £599 from Pedal On. I went to a local shop just to try them out for size where they were up for £849, but after haggling I left with one all built up and adjusted to suit me for £650 which I was happy with.
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Old 13-10-2011
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Thanks for the review I am stuck between a synapse or a Caad 8. i want to get to work a little quicker than on my MTB which take about 60 mins to do 14 miles....
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