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Old 14-01-2014
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Recently I've been trying to work out my final drive ratio, and 'think' it works out at 5.5:1? However, my question is, what is the relevance of a FDR and would there be a particular FDR that suits our tight twisting track?

I have a general grasp of under/over gearing, and monitor this by regularly taking the temperatures of my esc, motor and battery, and adjust accordingly. However, where does your FDR fit into all this?

Sorry, I know that's three questions... but if you don't ask!

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Old 18-03-2014
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My FDR is about 5.1 (ish) I am running 17.5 though so the 13.5 boys will run higher. With my car on Blinky I just change my FDR to get a little more top end or acceleration. On our track acceleration is key as its so twisty, with one short straight it is a waste to gear the car for that, although I try to be at top speed around 60-70% along the straight.

I use 64dp gears to allow fine adjustments to change my FDR as usually even just changing the pinion up or down one tooth makes a noticeable difference.
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