Tamiya 501X oOple Hub

The 501X is the machine to have if you're a Tamiya fanboy or just want a great 4WD racer. If you're not a world-level driver then chances are you had to buy your 501X and there is little backup or support locally - this page is designed to help people get the most from their 501X with or without the support of Tamiya.

I'll be looking after this page with help from Woody - so hopefully we can produce some interesting reading for 501X fans. There will be race reports, setups and other random articles to follow.


Tamiya 501X REVIEW on oOple.com

Tamiya 501X Optional one-way diff . Part No. 53951

501X oOple diff shields - Making some seals to keep those open diffs nice and fresh.

501X Big Belt conversion - A little write up on the big pulley and belt conversion for the 501X

Hot Bodies serrated wheel nuts - Keep those wheels on!

TRF 501X gear chart PDF, by Mike West and oOple.com

New DB01 / 501X Worlds Edition gear chart

This is for the big belt / pulley cars like the 501X worlds or DB01 Durga.

TRF 501X editable setup sheet by oOple.com

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