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Old 02-04-2012
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Default SbV2 run in Charleroi Indoor 25/4/12

Hi guys,

No one seems to have been on this board for some time!!

Well, earlier this month the wife and I went on holiday...a bit around Europe.

We headed to Belgium and I had arranged (thanks to my brother-in-law) to attend the Indoor track in Charleroi...a bit outside the capital of Brussels.

They allow guests to come for a charge of 15 Euro all day...not too bad.

After a lot of thinking, I had decided to bring my Adademy SBv2 along...I hadn't run this 1/10 properly and I wasn't too sure of the setup I chose.

I was running a 7.5T Xcleorin with a SP speedo (GT version 2) and a Savox 1258 TG servo. My radio was a Esprit 3 with Spek 2.4G.

Here are some videos! Taken with my iphone.

1. Pressure from the missus here!!

2. Another run

I found the track challenging and quite technical and really I'm a novice! The vertical ascend/descend can be disastrous if you get it wrong but fun...of all the things I broken I managed to snap a rear steel outdrive!! However, the crappy front stock plastic outdrives were essentially ok except for some early signs of the melting we only know too well! Anyway, that essentially ended my run. I also damaged my undertray but that's no big deal!

I now know what I need to adjust and I'll be doing some rebuilding soon!

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. The venue is a dream for all enthusiasts. There are great facilities including pit tables with electric supply and toilets. I would definitely recommend a visit...you can find them on google as Black Country Arena.
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