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Main Chassis

With the front and rear suspension assembled it's time to mount them on the main chassis.  The main chassis is a flat carbon fibre plate which is one of the biggest changes over the older car and is a full 18mm longer to provide a stable racing platform.

The rear attaches to the chassis first & the rear bumper first pushes in place - lugs key into corresponding holes on the chassis, followed by the rear gearbox & suspension, four counter sunk screws secure it in place.  

The front gearbox locates in the same way as the rear - with a small plastic bumper sandwiched between the gearbox and chassis plate.

The graphite centre shaft is installed at the same time - this is another 'Pro' option part which comes with the M18T Pro and is designed to reduce rotating mass, improving acceleration.

With just the main chassis the M18T Pro is still quite flexible, a carbon fibre top deck ties things together nicely, making the car stiff and strong.

Before this top deck can be attached a few things need mounting to it.  The steering on the M18T Pro uses a single bell crank which pivots on a steel steering post which itself is attached underneath the top deck. Threaded rods are included, just like the rear toe links - again no turnbuckles, a shame.

The shock towers on the M18T Pro are the same stiff plastic used throughout the car.  The Towers mount to the top deck from below (before installing the top deck, of course) with just two small counter sunk screws per tower.  The mounting doesn't look that sturdy but feels stiff and seem like they'll hold up to a fair amount of abuse - especailly considering they'll be hidden under the body shell.

The moulded shock towers have a little flex - enough not to break, fingers crossed.
The top deck attaches with just four screws - two per end screwed directly into the gearbox tops.


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