Thursday 26th March 2009 - Pre-Report, Track Build Day.

Worksop is the largest town in the district of Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire, and has a market, church, coal mines and other useful things. Sherwood forest is close by, made famous by Robin Hood. Robin hood also has his very own airport and r/c car track nearby at Blyth.

The 'three men in a shed' team at Worksop Radio Car Club have run two consecutive indoor master series in recent years, with the 2008-09 season being hugely successful. It was as a result of this success that they decided to run an annual indoor full-weekend event... bringing to you The Players.

The Worksop race meetings are held at the North Notts Community Arena, which hosts a unique rubberised/cork floor surface, which has been said to be the closest likeness to racing on clay.

Early Birds.

Race organisers had arranged to access the arena at 9am on Thursday morning in order to spend the day building one kick-ass track. The Scaffolders arrived at 09:30 to make a start on building the super 10ft x 30ft rostrum, and worked all through the day to complete this mammoth task.

Meanwhile dedicated racers started outside in the cold and draughty container, emptying its contents into the the arena where they would build the biggest track of the season.

First task of the day was to unload the container, lining up all the materials ready for track building.

The Rostrum takes shape.  

Worksop is world famous for their big-air tabletop jumps, and the Players track is no exception. No sooner was the container unloaded, and the boys went straight for the tables - hoping to create their biggest jump yet.

The Jump started out quite modest, but before long the table-tennis tables were brought in and alas there were no pitting tables left by the time it reached completion, this is one big daddy.


The track is nothing like the plan



22 Year History of Worksop Radio Car Club.

Worksop Radio Car Club is now in its second life, the club was originally formed in 1987 by John, Linda, Philip and Susan Allcroft at the same site as the current indoor track but in a cold, drafty concrete floored building which used to stand where the large car park is now but has since been demolished.

The club had an outdoor venue too next to a cemetry at Shireoaks near Worksop but after a couple of seasons they were offered the permanent site at Blyth (which is now Robin Hood Raceway), and so they moved there.

Racing continued at Worksop indoors upto 1998 and outdoors at Blyth until 2003. There were many BRCA National rounds, North East and Mid East Regionals, end of season finals and junior finals at Blyth and the venue was always popular. In the old days Worksop indoor's equivalent of the Schumacher Indoor Masters was the (unofficial) UK Indoor Championships, which saw superb turnouts although not quite as large as the regular 180 entries the club receives now.

Due to other ventures and new businesses, the time Allcrofts had to run WRCC became more and more limited and finally they decided to cease racing in 2003. At this time the club had many volunteers including Stuart Moore, Lindsay Skelding, Olly Vaux and more but without the Allcrofts timing the meetings and driving them forward it was decided to wind things up. This seemed to coincide with a decline in interest in 1/10th off-road and the growth of rallycross.

No racing took place at Blyth or Worksop between the end of 2003 and 2006 when a new local model shop took on the Blyth track to use for rallycross and Leon, Muzzy and James decided to resurrect Worksop Indoors once more. York Off-Road Car Club have since taken charge of Blyth in 2008 as their permanent outdoor track and thanks to total redevelopment succeeded in securing a BRCA National in August 2009.

The first meeting of the new incarnation at Worksop indoors in 2006 saw just under 120 drivers so the club knew they were onto something and 1/10th off road seemed to be on the up again. 2 years later, a BRCA indoor finals, and two very successful indoor championships completed - easily the biggest in the UK and things seem to be going from strength to strength, so the club made the decision due to popular demand to hold an end of season finale with a Reedy style format - The Players!



The continuing renovation of the outdoor track at Blyth.


Despite the venue appearing inferior externally...

... The race hall and pitting area is an ample size.

As the track nears completion, some slackers arrive to take credit for the days hard work.

Allowing time for some of the hardcore grafters to take a well earned break.

If you hadn't seen the build progress photos, you probably wouldn't believe there was some minging scaffolding underneath all the bright and colourful banners. The track building team pose proudly after a hard days work.

The View from the track - if you're a fish.

Top Raffle Prizes
Thanks to the great support of national & international sponsors, there are loads of great raffle prizes on offer at The Players event. Tickets will be on sale throughout Friday and Saturday, and Sunday, with the raffle being drawn on Sunday afternoon.

Goddam, I want that big truck!!! - Jimmy

Raffle tickets cost a fiver for a strip of 5, or play the game and raise your chances - buy four strips for 20pounds and get a 5th strip free! Cinq-oOple your chances of winning.

Awesome prizes include the Savage XL, a Schumacher CAT SX Phil Booth, KO Esprit III Universe and Xceleron speedo/motor combo. There are various JConcepts goodie bags, including stickers and wings. Top prizes coming tomorrow from XFactory including X6 and an X60. Team Xtreme are providing a Predator X11 and a Tekin Brushless Speedo as prizes. Schumacher have provided helicopters, motor/battery cases. Also there are some great prizes from Dremel and Trakpower.


As the sun sets on race preparation day...

BenJem prepares himself for a night camping in the sports hall.

The well decorated straight.

Delicate finishing touches applied to the rostrum as monkey looks on.

The Adventures of Sossy Doggy.