This report is to give a further insight to the world championship winning car. The BJ4 worlds edition car was originally reviewed back in May of 2006 exclusively on, with a big success of over a thousand hits in the first week alone.
Since then, there have been many more drivers in the UK opting for the BJ4 as their weapon of choice. I myself have also purchased the car, to race in the 2007 national series - and future events alike.

My intention for this report is to show the performance of the BJ4 worlds edition car, and how it has develped since its first debut in Collengo, Italy - at the worlds in 2005.
I will share my own experiences with the car, along with useful information I have found to make the most out of the Jconcept experience.


Race Reports

Over the 2007 season I will be attending the BRCA national series, I am entered for all 6 rounds. I will also be aiming to compete in a few North East 4wd regionals, alongside my North West 2wd series.

Report one - Tiverton BRCA National - Round one 2007

Report two - Kidderminster BRCA National - Round two 2007

Report three - Bury Metro BRCA National - Round three 2007

Just a quick one really! I'm Paul Rotheram, aged 19, situated in Liverpool. I've raced for about 7-8 years
and have never really stopped! I met Jimmy a while back and have become good friends with both him and Vicky. I help run areas of and help to expand the site for the better. I'll be creating everything for the extended report on the BJ4WE, from logos, reports, tips and future content.

A special thank you to Jimmy for giving me the opportunity to write up my extended review on Thank you to Stuart Evans at for supplying me with some pictures. Also thank you to Steve-Curtis Rich AKA Dragon paints for supplying my 2007 schemes.

Dragon Paints

JConcepts BJ4 Worlds Edition