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The Durga body shell is simply stunning.  Any awkward angles the TRF501X might have had are long gone, despite a similarly radical styling.  No window masks are supplied – but the shape really isn’t an easy one to mask using pre-cut masks. The decal sheet comes with stickers for the windows if you’re feeling lazy.

I always cut my body shell before painting, and noticed whilst cutting the Durga shell that there are two options for cutting the rear of the body.  There is the lower cut line which is what the manual shows – and which should provide the best seal to keep dirt out.  There is also a higher cut line which opens up the rear of the body for cooling purposes – if you know anything about racing regulations you might know that in certain federations you can only cut holes where the manufacturer has designed holes to be cut – designated by having a cut line. Tamiya give you the choice.

In other words, you don’t have to use the high cut line – but you can if you need it.  Large scoops are provided to cool the motor and ESC, and in combination with the ‘hot weather’ cut out at the back, the Durga shouldn’t have too many problems with cooling.

I didn’t have time to paint the shell before the first race with the Durga, so I got a slightly scuffed body back with a couple of nasty dents from impact damage.  I wanted to make this one a little special, and went for the ‘usual’ review paint scheme but with a new more complex set of flames. 

The body widens for the motor half way along its length, and is symetrical both sides to give a pleasing look. This does mean that from half way along its length, the body moves away from the chassis sides and a large gap appears. Tamiya supply some chunky foam self-adhesive strips to plug these gaps - but fail to mention it in the manual.
Since I was running indoors it wasn't neccesary to use these - but certainly outdoors and in poor weather it would be a good idea.

Without all the ‘Durga’ stickers to cheapen the look, the Durga really is only ‘given away’ by those plastic CVA dampers.  Other than that, the car really does look ‘all business’ and ready for the race track - again, stunning.

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