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XFactory provide their own suspension arms with the X-6, along with Lunsford Titanium hinge pins for inner and outer pivots.

Whilst the suspension arms bear a passing resemblence to those from the Associated B4 donor car - they are in fact unique to the X-6. The arms mount up back-to-front compared to those from the B4. So whilst the rear arms on the B4 are swept back, these are swept forward. This initially confused me because I did not read the manual properly and installed the arms the wrong way around, left on right and vice versa. oOps!

To add to the confusion, left and right hub carriers are swapped around, left on right - right on left. These can be shimmed just like on the B4 with the washers from that car.

XFactory admit that on some of their arms, the provided hinge pins will not go all the way in - which isn't a problem since the small screws that capture them still work. I found this to be the case on my car.

The axles need to be spaced inward slightly to keep the dogbone end in the outdrive, not a big deal - it just means putting one or both of the thin metal shims from the original car on the CVD axle before inserting into the hub. Usually these shims would be on the outside of the hub, just behind the top-hat washer and drive pin.

Both washers on the inside of the hub

The rear suspension Toe-in and Anti-Squat angles are provided from the Toe-in blocks provided. These come in 3 and 4 degree Toe-in varieties. The antisquat is set by shimming these toe-in blocks up or down. Elongated holes enable the toe-in blocks to move up and down. Finally the blocks are secured first by two screws passing through the shims from below, then the two screws from the rear into the metal inserts between shock tower and gearbox.

X-6 arm on the right is slightly shorter

A range of plastic washers is provided to alter anti-squat angles. No guidance is given as to the actual angles acheivable by using the different shim combinations however. More washers means less anti-squat.

Xfactory suggest the rear arms can be shimmed to take away play or adjust the wheelbase slightly - but also mention it is not necessary. I felt there was too much play here and added a small .030" shim from my B4.

With the suspension all done, the rear shocks can be added. Too much droop here can cause the dogbones to fall out of the out-drives, so XFactory suggest 0.060" of internal spacers to limit the droop.


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